An international team of scientists have discovered 3 new planets that could support alien life.  We may not be the only ones after all.

The habitable zone of a nearby star is filled with planets that could support life and is 22 light-years from Earth.  The star is Gliese 667C.  It is orbited by at least 6 planets that experts know of and they believe a sixth is possible.  The three planet contenders for alien life are in the star's "habitable zone" -- the temperature region around the star where liquid water could exist.  The planets in this three star system could see three suns during the day, instead of just one.

"We knew that the star had three planets from previous studies, so we wanted to see whether there were any more," co-leader of the study Mikko Tuomi of the University of Hertfordshire, U.K. said. "By adding some new observations and revisiting existing data we were able to confirm these three and confidently reveal several more. Finding three low-mass planets in the star's habitable zone is very exciting!"

Their orbits make them possible candidates for hosting life.  [See images of the alien planets of star Gliese 667C]

[Via:  CBS]