The Associated Press reports at least 25 Louisiana participants in the Boston Marathon are confirmed to be safe.
Anne Sagrera, of Lafayette, told a local newspaper, "I was about a block away going to the family meeting area when I heard the first explosion. Shortly after I heard the second one."
Two runners from Opelousas finished just two minutes before the blasts. 18 runners from the Baton Rouge area are also reportedly safe.
Kathryn Jarrell and Jennifer Castille finished one second apart, just after the 4 hour mark. show. Castille called her husband, Ric to tell him she was OK.

"She called me but then we got cut off almost immediately," he said. "She told me everything's OK, and that the group that came from Opelousas, they're all OK." -Ric Castille

Six Acadiana residents were registered to run. Boyd Girouard of Kaplan is not confirmed to have started, and didn't have a halfway mark time on record.
Col. Mike Edmonson of Louisiana State Police said his staff is monitoring the situation in Boston.