Georgina Anderson is a 15-year-old girl who was recently told that there are no more treatment options available for her cancer; her wish is to have this video go viral...

I have become skeptical about things I read on the internet, but this one seems genuine.  Here is one of the postings from Youtube:

To all my google friends can you help this young girls dream come true, Georgina has cancer and has just been told there are no treatment options left. Georgina loves singing and her wish is that the world hears her sing her request came up on facebook via Incidents Teeside who normally report on local incidents but were happy to oblige, the location on this video is where I live , I promised to share this with you all , please share let her dream reach out to as many people as possible. There are more links to her music on you tube thanks you friends have a great day ♡
Is it legit?  I am not certain, but this girl does have singing potential (it does help that I love the song!!).
You can help (if you want to) by sharing this video!
(Via Youtube)