As I write this, it's only a few minutes after noon, but that doesn't mean you can't use
these tips to being a better employee tomorrow! These tips offered by business efficiency consultant Andrew Jensen and US News are practical and common sense, and if you're not already doing some or all of them, get ready to impress your boss tomorrow!

Here are just a few highlights of the list. Click the button below to read the full list.

Make a to - do list the night before:Jensen says the best time to make your to - do list is not the day before or the next morning, but instead, the night before. That way, you'll avoid using office time to plan ahead and will approach the new work day with a sense of accomplishment and vision. I personally do this when I fill in for Steve or Jaycee here on KTDY, as we have a ton of details to put together for our shows and waiting until we're on air is too late.

Get a good night's rest: Jensen says that having the to do - list will help with your sleep, and encourages you to get the standard 8 - 9 hours of sleep if possible. He also suggests getting in some exercise each day if you aren't doing so already, which will make it easier to fall and stay asleep.

 Fire your snooze button: This will probably be the toughest one on the list for some, but Jensen makes the excellent point that if you're getting a solid night's rest, you won't have any trouble getting out of bed. He also points out that it's not hard to become a more productive morning person if you just set your alarm to go off a few minutes earlier and wake up when it goes off. You also end up with more time to take care of any housework you have to do before going to work, which means you return to a happier home after the workday.

Attack the biggest projects head - on: Jensen recommends prioritizing your tasks by doing the most important and perhaps most intimidating first. You'll approach them at your mental and physical peak at the beginning of the day, and the less critical tasks will seem far more manageable as a result.