Governor Bobby Jindal was in Carencro Wednesday to make a major announcement about the local economy.  He was joined by Paul Howes, president and CEO of Newpark Resources, Inc.

The company is about to invest 41.1 million dollars in its Newpark Mats and Integrated Services operation in Carencro. The size and output of the operation will be effectively doubled. The expansion will bring more 100 new jobs to Lafayette Parish.

Governor Jindal had these comments:

These are good-paying jobs.  These are jobs that will have an indirect impact in our community.  That's over one-hundred Louisiana families that can pay their bills, pursue their dreams right here in southwest Louisiana.  That means our sons and daughters don't have to leave home to pursue their dreams.  We're excited to get that expansion that could have gone anywhere.  Their doubling their output here in Carencro.  They could have gone to another state, another facility.  They chose Louisiana because they know this is the best place to invest and create jobs.

The facility manufactures composite mats for drill site construction as well as other applications.