When I asked CJ about the 10 things we didn't know about him, he looked at me and said "you already know one of them, jerk!"  (There was a smile on his face, so I know that "jerk" was said with lots of love!  And vinegar, probably.)

What he was referring to was #1.  Last year, for Christmas, I bought him a small present (it was a gift card for a restaurant, if I remember correctly) and packaged it in a BIG box, at least 24x24.  What did I pack the rest of the box with?  Well, it's #1 on the list below...

10 Things You Didn't Know About CJ

CJ servin' them up!
  • CJ doesn't like the wind (especially when it comes from Steve Wiley), unless it’s a breeze on the beach (with no Steve present, of course).  A breeze on the beach, with a vodka drink.

  • CJ and Debbie Ray on the Sail Away
  • CJ really enjoys late-night snacks. (Vodka tonic; vodka martini; vodka and cranberry; vodka and orange juice; vodka and ice; vodka -- no ice...you get the picture.

  • CJ, double-fisting them

    CJ and Eric... notice the martini??
  • CJ was fired from radio twice by the owners of the radio station(s), and both have since apologized (after he promised "No more vodka at work").
  • blue (I don't now if it has anything to do with Kube...)

  • CJ doesn't care for mornings, and he loves the nighttime.  (Which, ironically, is when the vodka usually comes out...)

  • He was giggling like a little schoolgirl when he opened that present!!

    I have worked for several different "bosses" in my lifetime; some good, some not so good.  CJ is one of the good ones (when he has been drinking vodka...)


    (None of the names have been changed to protect anyone, but some of the details were created through poetic license by the author)