Here are 10 steps to great kissing on "Kiss Your Mate Day', and believe me, some of us could learn a thing or two.  A kiss can be too wet, too dry, too much, not enough and if you forget to breath, a recipe for a disastrous evening.

Do you remember your first kiss?  Have you gotten better at it since that very first encounter?  You may have to ask your significant other to best answer that question.  Many times we think we're doing a good job at kissing but we just aren't.  We may not be  'doing it' for the recipient.  Next time you get up enough nerve to accept the truth, ask your mate to score your kissing ability.  You may be surprised.

The longest kiss on the big screen was 3 minutes, 5 seconds long.  Can you name the actors?  The movie?  Watch the video to find out.