We all know that the news, no matter the media it's presented in, is often filled with reports of violence, death, deceit, corruption, and more.

Thankfully, there still is and always will be good news. Here are ten good news stories of 2013. Are there other stories more deserving than these to be listed? Let us know on Facebook!

9) Corporations Phase-out Hazardous Chemicals in Home Products

8) Shoeshiner Donates $202,000 in Tips to Kids’ Hospital

7) Perseverance Personified: Diana Nyad Completes Historic Cuba to Florida Swim

6) Breakthrough Therapy Cures Cancer in Adults, Kids Using Own Immune Cells

5) Confirmed: New Energy Source Could Power the World With Clean Efficient Fusion

4) Pay It Forward Phenomenon Grows

3) Honest Homeless Men Earn New Start as Thousands Donate

2) In Mere Months Pope Francis Transforms Global View of Catholic Church

1)  16-Year-old Triumphs Over Taliban Shooting, Addresses UN