A New York City coffee shop is selling one latte on the menu for a whopping 10 bucks a cup.  So what's so special about this cup of Joe?


The latte is called, The 'Lakkris Latte' and it's being served at at coffee shop in Brooklyn called Budin.  The brew contains rare, extra-special ingredients that include anise syrup, licorice powder and Ethiopian beans roasted in Norway.

You might think there is no way people would pay that much for a cup of coffee, but people are.  Business is actually through the roof.  "Each component is of a high caliber that is rarely seen in the states,” co-owner Elliot Rayman explained to The Daily News. “They come together in a unique flavor all its own.”  The 'Lakkris Latte' is said to be the most expensive virgin espresso beverage in the city.

Would you pay $10 for a licorice-flavored cup of coffee even if the ingredients were rare?  Here in Acadiana, probably not, minimum wage is not even 10 bucks!

[Via:  Daily News]